Free Teleconferencing!

For Business, Organizations and Individuals

    Welcome to your FREE* Conference Call Center ! MrConference is one of the largest free teleconference services in the world! For businesses, organizations and individuals!

    Get your FREE* number right now! You can start using it immediately. No obligations, ads or hassles AND no need to sign up. Call 712-432-5610 and make any four digit code you want. Call and follow directions. Music will play until the next caller enters the room. Enjoy the convenience.

    You can easily hold conference calls for just the price of your normal long distance or local rates. After you register, you're ready to set up a free teleconference line to use for business, for organized groups or just to talk with your friends and family. When you register, EasyConference assigns you a phone number and [personal] 3-digit code to use whenever you want to hold a conference call.

    All you need to do is pick a time for your conference call and make sure the other attendees have your conference line number and code. And, unlike other conference services, you don't have to reserve a time to fit into their schedule. You can do it whenever you like 24/7.

    There's no special equipment required. Just use your regular phone and phone line.

    How It Works

    *The only cost to you is your regular long distance or local rate to call our ( U.S. based) service.
    • NO need to sign up if you choose not to as you can create as many codes as you choose on this conference number (see below) that holds up to 70 people.

    • Upon calling that number, you can press the # key to hear how many people are already in your conference room. (If you are the first one in the room, the computer will play music until others enter.)

    • Remember, the only cost you will ever see is your normal local or LD charge to call our service.

    • Sample phone number: 712-432-5610, Extension 6891# See details on how to monitor your call below.

    • If you would like to create other FOUR digit codes, please do so. Make them complex and not a series such as 1111 or 1234.

    • 712-432-5610 will be your conference line for personal codes.


    • 4: Unmute own line
    • 5: Mute own line
    • 7: Enable Recording (*organizer only) To be the organizer/moderator of the call, place a *before your access code.
    • 8: Moderator mute (*only organizers can be heard)
    • 9: Moderator unmute (*everyone can be heard)
    • #: Party count

    Remember that Moderator (s) place a * key before the code and # after.

    You can create as many FOUR digit codes as you want for future calls


    If you would like to record your call to access later, Please contact us at or call us 775-600-9854